A No Cost Option To Add Value at Your Trade Show


Great Traffic Driver

Professional headshots are a huge draw at conferences & trade shows, and we provide a way to offer this service to attendees at no-cost, aside from providing us with space on the floor.


No Cost to shows to host

We’ll appear at most trade shows, anywhere in the US & Canada at no cost, as long as we are provided with a complimentary 10x10 or 10x20 space on the floor.

We’ll cover our own travel & freight, and provide headshots for the duration of the show.

No cost for attendees to try

As always, there is no charge for attendees to take photos, and they have the opportunity to purchase any images they’d like to keep.

In addition to providing a great value, this also provides guests with a fun, unique experience within the context of the trade show.


Would you like the Headshot Lobby at your Trade Show?

Let us know when and where your event is, and we’ll see if we can make it out!

Please include dates, location, and size if possible.